mg cult.

The Cult is a community for young people who share the drive to create their own reality. This drive better be different from the status quo – because we are here for the youngsters who are ready, hungry and motivated for more.

The Cult gives you the tools, inspiration and building blocks to feed your own mind, body and soul. We give you the opportunity to take back your own power and start claiming the life that is here for you to experience!

The real question is, are you ready to show up as that guy or girl who determines your future? We’re dying to meet that person. 

What about you?









4 Elements of Creation. ®

This represents how we created The Cult and most important our belief system.

All beauty in life we experience, comes from this “adopted” belief system. We say an adopted belief system, because this is not how we were always wired.

Your life and belief system is the sum of all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences and the meaning you gave them.

If you are seeking a greater quality of life, you must ask yourself, is the programming of my mind serving me to reach my ultimate outcome?

Classic Cap


Cult Manifesto

Dedication and motivation.

Bepaal de visie die jij voor jouw leven in gedachten hebt en voel de kracht om die stappen te zetten.

Enrichment & growth.

Je verbreedt je realiteit en je gaat ervaren dat alles mogelijk is in life, zodra jouw mindset “klikt”.

Take responsibility in life.

Show up for you, no matter what. Je groeit door te vallen en opstaan. We believe problems and challenges are gifts.

Life is here for us to enjoy.

In de Cult stappen we op elkaars schouders, niet op elkaars tenen. Door te genieten, verhogen we de vibe naar joy en fulfillment.

Effortless living.

Je creëert en claimt jouw plek in de wereld. Jouw pad is er alleen voor jou en zodra je dat pad loopt is er enkel abundance, freedom and ease.